Land of Pine Su'juk Candle


Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of the holidays with our Land of Pine Holiday Candle—a fragrance that transports you to the heart of a winter woods adventure, where you've just cut your own Christmas tree. As you light our Land of Pine Holiday Candle, envision the enchanting atmosphere of a snowy forest, adorned with the scent of fresh-cut pine. Allow this fragrance to fill your space with the essence of holiday cheer and the crisp, invigorating air of a winter adventure. Infused with natural essential oils, including cedar, clove leaf, fir needle, western red cedar, spearmint leaf, and eucalyptus, this fragrance is a harmonious blend that brings the winter woods to life.

Head: Eucalyptus, Mint

Heart: Spruce, Moss, Evergreen

Base: Cedar, Amber

Celebrate the season with a candle meticulously hand-poured in our Upstate NY workshop, using 100% soy wax. Our Land of Pine Holiday Candle is crafted to order, ensuring each one is a unique embodiment of holiday spirit. In case our stores run out of stock, kindly allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, and let the Land of Pine bring the magic of the winter woods into your home.