Hello everyone! 

Su here- some of you may already know me but if not, I'm the founder of Su'juk and originally from Adana, Turkey. This is one of the cities impacted by the recent Earthquakes in Turkey. Fortunately, my family is safe and sound but unfortunately a lot of people were not so lucky.
We’ve decided to organize another fundraiser raffle to raise money for organizations aiding Turkish people after the devastating earthquake that occurred in Turkey on Sunday. As the death toll nears 20,000, we know that number will keep climbing, and those affected desperately need help. So here is an opportunity to give if you can; we hope you will. 
How it works?
  • I've created a flyer that we can all help share attached below
  • All we ask folks to do is donate $10 to join therafflefundraiser. If they send $20, they have bought 2raffletickets.
  • Folks can donate atwww.paypal.me/sujukbrooklynask them to select "friends & family" AND include their contact info so we can reach out to them if they win!
  • Each business must donate some product/ serviceoftheir choice to theraffle.
Where are the donations going/ how will they be used:
100% of the proceeds will go to a few reputable organizations one being Turkish Philanthropy Fund which will match your donation with the support of Hamdi Ulukaya, owner of Chobani.

Funds will go to but not limited to:
Local Search & Rescue, Humanitarian Aid, Hygiene Kits, Clothing & Emergency Supplies, Food & Shelter, animal rescue and shelter.
When are winners announced?
The raffle will end February 23rd, 2023, at 11:59 P.M.
We will announce the winners Friday, February 24th, 2023