Big Baby by Skimdo


A mega 50ml aluminum tube of cool, thick, smooth SKIMDO Original Cream. THE BIG BABY is a perfect purchase to travel with. 

How to use it: 

Apply to wet or damp hair in sections, by squeezing a small amount out of the tube and pressing it into the hair with downwards squeezing strokes as you apply it. This bonds the product to your hair for best results. Brush through for even distribution per section as you style. 

Finger twist, 2-Strand twist, flat braid, Denman style or gently scrunch up ends. Diffuse gently on low heat and power or air-dry naturally. 

Tip: Squeeze from the tail down to avoid the tube cracking at a sharp bend. The nature of the material these tubes are made from means this is always a possibility. We think it's a small price to pay for sustainable packaging - however if this happens to you, a thick drop of super glue can seal the pierced part. 

Tip: If you enjoy putting oils on your hair to gloss it - wait for SKIMDO to completely set (dry) before you add anything on top.