"Become Acquainted With The Sun Goddess" by TheKeep Shop


This rug collection, a limited production, inspired by the creations of contemporary designers, is based upon the infrastructure of tradition and emerged with the idea of ​​creating unique products for spaces. They are ready to come to you with stories of the past and future hidden within.

"Every day at the same time, where the moon sleeps, the sea wakes up"

Designer: GAYE SU AKYOL, 2021

Since she was 5 years old, she has wanted to make music, draw and travel the world for the rest of her life.

  • Color: Black& White / Brown & Beige
  • Size 4x6
  • Double Sided
  • Made in Uşak Turkey
  • Recycled Cotton 70%, viscose 10% poly 20%
  • For custom made orders contact with us.
  • Designer: Bilge Kalfa, architect in Berlin. Loves watching trees.
  • Kilim / Rug